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Contact lists

With assignments


GroupPerson to ContactWho will do it
ASCLA/LSSPSMelora Ranney Norman (Vice-Chair--2006 - 2007)E-mail: melorarn@yahoo.com (Jonathan A. Reynolds (Chair—2005-2007) jerryr@coj.netSherrie
ALCTS PARSNancy Craft and Andy HartClaire DONE
ALCTS Exec Board Bruce Johnson and Charles WiltClaire DONE


ALA Lists


GroupPerson to ContactWho will do it
ALA News lists
ALA-WO@ala.org ALA Washington Office Newsline
ALADNOW@ala.org ALA Advocacy Now List
ALANEWS@ala.org ALA News Releases
AL_NEWS@ala.org American Libraries News
"Heads" lists
ALACOUN@ala.org ALA Council ListDONE
ALACRO-L@ala.org ALA Chapter Relations Office ListCovered by councilDONE
ALSCBOARD@ala.org ALSC Board of Directorscovered in ALA leaders
ALALEADERS@ala.org ALA and Division PresidentsLiz will send to Liz DreiazenDONE
CCS-CHAIRS@ala.org CCS-Committee Chairscovered in ALA leaders
YAL-EXEC@ala.org YALSA Executive Committeecovered in ALA leaders
LAMAPACK@ala.org Leaders of the Packcovered in ALA leaders
CMDSLEADERS@ala.org CMDS Officers and Chairscovered in ALA leaders
RTLIST@ala.org ALA Round Table ListMary GhikasLiz
ALCTSCRG@ala.org ALCTS Council of Regional Groupscovered in ALA leaders
Division Listsif Heads list doesn't reach them
ACRLLiz will email MaryEllen
RUSA-L@ala.org Reference and User Services Association ListLiz
ALSC-L@ala.org Association for Library Service to Children ListLiz will ask
IFRT@ala.org ALA Intellectual Freedom Round TableBowie
LITA-L@ala.org Library and Information Technology Association ListClaire DONE
MEMBER-FORUM ALA Membership Discussion ForumLiz
PLA-NEWS@ala.org PLA NewsLiz will ask Greta
SRRTMEM@ala.org SRRT Membership ListKaren
AASLNEWS@ala.orgAASL NewsLiz will ask
Likely Groups
ALA Video Roundtable (VRT)Claire DONE
ALCTS-EVOLV@ala.org ALCTS Evolving Technologies
ALCTS-NRMC@ala.org ALCTS Networked Resources and Metadata CommitteeClaire?
ALCTS-NRMIG Networked Resources and Metadata Interest GroupClaire DONE
ALCTS-OPDG@ala.org ALCTS Out of Print Discussion Group
ALCTS-SS-PPC@ala.org ALCTS Serials Section Policy&Planning Committee
ACCESSLSSP@ala.org Accessibility Forum
ACRL-FRM@ala.org ACRL Forum
ALAWORLD@ala.org ALA International Relations Round Table
CVDISC@ala.org Core Values Discussion List
LITA-ETIG@ala.org LITA Emerging Technologies Interest Group
LSSPS@ala.org ASCLA LSSPS Discussion list
PADG@ala.org ALCTS Preservation Administrators’ Disc. Grp.Claire DONE
PRESED-L@ala.org ALCTS Preservation Educators
SCHOLCOMM@ala.org ACRL Scholarly Communication Task Force
Question Marks
ALOUD-L@ala.org Academic Library Outreach Discussion Group
AMIND@ala.org OLOS Subcom. on Library Services to American Indians
ANSS-L Anthropology and Sociology Section
ARCHIVESJTETE@ala.org ALA-SAA-AAM Combined Com. on Archives
CCS-PPC@ala.org ALCTS Catlg.&Classf. Sect. Policy&Planning
CCS-PRC@ala.org ALCTS CCS Publications&Research
CCS-SAC@ala.org CCS Subject Analysis Committee
CHILDTECH@ala.org ALSC Children&Technology Discussion List
COD@ala.org Committee on Diversity
CWL-LIST@ala.org Campaign for the World’s Libraries
E-GOV@ala.org U.S. E-Government Policy
FAFLRT@ala.org Federal and Armed Forces Libraries RT
EDASSEMB@ala.org Education Assembly
FLRT@ala.org Federal Librarians Round Table Discussion List
FRFDS-L@ala.org LAMA Fund Raising&Financial Dev. Section List
GOVINFO@ala.org Federal Information Policy
ICAN@ala.org Interlibrary Cooperation and Networking List
IFFORUM@ala.org Intellectual Freedom Forum
INFOLIT@ala.org Information Literacy Discussion List
IPTS@ala.org Intellectual Property and Technology Subcommittee
LIBDEAF@ala.org Library Service to the Deaf Forum
LITA-IRIG LITA Internet Resources Interest Group
MARSACCESS@ala.org MARS User Access to Services Committee
MOUSS-L@ala.org Management and Operation of User Services Section
OUTSOURCE@ala.org ALA Outsourcing Task Force
PRIVACYS@ala.org Privacy subcommittee
RESTF@ala.org Resolution Task Force
RURALIB@ala.org Com. on Rural Libraries of All Kinds
TSMDMHEADS@ala.org ALCTS Tech. Adms. of Medium-sized Research Ls.


Non-ALA Lists



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